Pro Coat Ltd was founded in 1998

For the purpose of supplying specialised coating services. Today Pro Coat Auckland Ltd continues to deliver specialist coating solutions for automotives, marine, and industrial work, as well as applying aerospace developed coatings that are unsurpassed in today’s market.


We operate in the paint/powder coating industry using controlled chemicals and solvents in the processing of customer’s items. We want to help you to get the best possible results from your components by applying coatings that, not only look good, but also help reduce friction and heat losses.


Pro Coat Ltd is the only Approved Applicator of Tech Line Coatings New Zealand. This means we have a direct link to the manufacturer and hence, a huge source of technical knowledge and support.


Pro Coat's coatings provide a way of increasing performance in your vehicle without having to pay hundreds or even thousands on performance parts. Pro Coat can coat almost any metal part you can imagine.


By coating your engine components we can successfully add horsepower to your vehicle by controlling heat loss (which means energy loss) and reducing friction. We can also make your parts last longer by creating a protective coating over the components.


Pro Coat Ltd. is committed to helping each individual get what they want! If you have a vehicle that has a combustion engine and that’s ANY vehicle at all, then you need to call us.


It doesn’t matter if it's a car, truck, go-kart, boat, jetski, motorcycle or aeroplane - We Can Coat It!


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